National Democratic Congress (NDC) - Congres National Pour la Democratie (CND)- Inteko y'Igihugu Iharira Demokarasi is a coalition between two Rwandan opposition political parties. The two parties are:

  1. Rally for Unity and Democracy(RUD-Urunana). RUD-Urunana was created in Rwanda in 2004 by people opposed to the repressive rule of the current Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) and as a response to the stated goal of RPF to extermine Rwandan refugees based in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. The objective of RUD-Urunana is to bring the RPF government to respect the fundamental rights of Rwandans, to promote a political solution that is fair, equitable, and preserves the interests of all the components of the Rwandan society and concerned parties , to work with the international community to resolve the probleme of Rwandan refugees and to protect refugees  outside Rwanda and Rwandans inside Rwanda from repression.   The armed wing of RUD-Urunana is known as National Army - Armee Nationale  (AN-Imboneza). 

  2. Rally of the Rwandan People (RPR- Inkeragutabara) RPR-Inkeragutabara was created in 2005 by former Rwandan Patriotic Front members, including army officers, critical of the RPF regime and its divisive and repressive rule.  Some RPR founders had been forced into exile for expressing their opinions. The objective of RPR is to promote the respect of the fundamental rights of citizens and  the respected of interests of all the components of the Rwandan society and concerned parties;   The armed wing of RPR is known as Inkeragutabara

Both the Rally of RUD-Urunana and RPR-Inkegutabara have put the forces and efforts together to achieve the common goals for the advent of a political system in Rwandan based on Consensual Democracy.

Consensual Democracy draws from the following principles(for more see Consensual Democracy).

  1.  The crises Rwanda has been going through since the 1960s is politicals in nature and its solution must be political;

  2. A political solution is viable if it is fair and equitable and preserves the interests of all the components of the Rwandan society and concerned parties;

  3. The respect of the fundamental rights of the citizen, particularly the right to life, remains a sacred principle;

  4. The law must protect the rights of the minorities;

  5. he sovereignty of the Rwandan state and the territorial integrity of the neighboring countries must be preserved according to the Charter of the Organization for African Unity;

  6. International conventions and international treaties and pacts ratified by Rwanda must be enforced;

  7.  Regional integration constitutes a paramount priority;

  8. To end the circle of impunity all criminals must be prosecuted regardless of ethnic group, national origin, region, religion, or other criteria.

These principles require Rwandans and friends of Rwanda to break with the current approach of short terms economic and political gains and seek long term mutual benefits by addressing the problem in terms of mutual  interests for  the peoples concerned: Rwandans, the people in the region, and their friends elsewhere.


The long term approach followed by National Democratic Congress involves the following: peace and stability, respect of basic human rights, the commitment of the people in the region for shared political and economic participation with the aim to building strong democratic institutions, and the full economical development and integration..

 With this approach, it will be inevitable to bring peace security, democracy and economic development in Rwanda and the the Great Lakes Region.

With this approach, regional leaders who only maintain themselves in power by repression, hence complicating the problem of Rwandan refugees, therefore the problem of peace and stability in the Great Lakes Region, will not have any place.

In brief, NDC is a congress of people who share the following:

  • NDC wants to bring a Revolution in Rwanda.
  • The Revolution NDC wants to bring consists of the following: change, transformation, and innovation for the good of the people as a whole