We Care For the People and Their Aspirations

National Democratic Congress is there for and by the People

The People We Serve; the People We Fight For; The People We Walk With

Poor Rwandans

A Young Person in Rwanda

"In 1994, I was still a baby. Now I am a grown up young woman, ready to contribute to the society. I envision the society where all these divisions will end and we can all live together, in peace and build the country"

- Michelle Murekatete

National Democratic Congress

A Rwandan Refugee in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

"I saw my parents killed in the camp in Kibumba in 1996. My parents were massacred along thousands of innocent people by the soldiers of General Kagame. I cannot go back to Rwanda with the current criminal regime still in power. There need to be guaranties for people to feel free and secure in Rwanda before we can return "

- Paul Nkuriza.

Poor Rwandans

A Rwandan RUD combattant in Eastern DRC

"We, in RUD-Urunana, are there to protect refugees. These refugees include our parents, children, brothers, relatives and innocent people. We are ready to protect them to the end."

- Captain Michel Rukebesha

National Democratic Congress

A Business Woman in Rwanda

"We need peace and regional integration in the region to be able to do business with our neighbors. Right now, Rwandans are viewed as invaders, killers, and so forth."

- Lydia M.

Poor Rwandans

A Public Employee in Rwanda

"Conditions must be created so that Rwandan refugees may come back to Rwanda to help build the country"

- Franck R.

National Democratic Congress

Rwandan Defense Forces Officer

"We need to stop killing each other. We are all brothers and sisters."

- Major L. K.

Poor Rwandans

A Tutsi farmer

"We live in constant fear. The divisive policies of of the Rwandan Patriotic Front have created even more mistrust among people"

- K. M.

National Democratic Congress

An RPR combattant

"I left Rwandan Patriotic Front because  the leaders have betrayed our vision of a unified, democratic, and prosperous Rwanda"

- Lt. Sam Shikama

Poor Rwandans

Student at the National University of Rwanda

"I am graduating soon. Will I have a job. Not sure. Government policies only favor those connected to the powerful"

- Olive S.