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Congrès National pour la Démocratie - National Democratic Congress  

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 Presse Release  PP/No. 01/Nov/21 

Firm denunciation of the So-called Trial of the So-called Members of RUD-Urunana accused of so-called attacks on Rwanda

As our Organization has already stated a month ago and over the past two years, The National Democraic Congress (CND-NDC), a coalition of the Rally for Unity and Democracy (RUD-Urunana) and the Rally of the Rwandan People (RDR - Inkeragutabara), would like, once again, to strongly and firmly and categorically reaffirm the following points:

  • RUD-Urunana or “Urunana” for short, is not part of any other alliance except that which links it to the RPR - Inkeragutabara, or “Inkeragutabara” for short, within the National Democratic Congress (CND-NDC); 
  • We denounce any individual or organization that uses the name of our organization RUD- Urunana or “Urunana” for interests that have nothing to do with our objectives or in various associations;
  • RUD-Urunana did not participate directly or indirectly in the so-called attacks of October 5, 2019, allegedly perpetrated in the North of the country;
  • Our organization would in no way be associated with acts that would be contrary to the democratic values ​​that we defend with all our strength.

Our organization remains convinced that the great problems in Rwanda and in the region, including those of refugees, ongoing bloody repression, political prisoners, and humanitarian crises, are political in nature and thus, require political solutions,  as we have never stopped stressing it.

Thus, our Organization remains convinced and reaffirms that only institutions founded  on the power of the people, for the people, and by the people can lead us towards the construction of a Rwanda for ALL, able to ensure peace and harmony between future generations and to contribute to the stability and sustainable development of the peoples of the region.

 That is why the CND-NDC continues to call for the immediate relaunch of the Kisangani Peace Process, which had indisputable merits to contribute to a definitive solution to the problem of Rwandan refugees in the DRC and thus to lay the solid foundations for the lasting peace in the African Great Lakes region.

Our Coalition is committed and remains firmly resolved to support the Rwandan people and the peoples of the region in this noble process.


26 November 2021

Dr. Augustin Dukuze


Congrès National pour la Démocratie