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The Directing Committee of Rally for Unity and Democracy (RUD-Urunana), has received a copy of a letter by the family of Ben Rutabana, giving accounts of his disappearance. In the letter, it is  alleged that Ben Rutabana was abducted  by people, especially  Major Ntilikina Faustin and Gen Jean Michel Africa said to be linked to RUD-Urunana.  The Directing Committee of RUD Urunana informs, of the following, the Rwandan People and those, around the world, concerned about the political, security, and humanitarian situation in the Great Lakes Region of Africa:

  1. Major Ntilikina Faustin, by joining the political party FDU Inkingi, lost his membership of RUD-Urunana.
  2. Jean Michel Afrika, until recently Brigadier General, along with those working with him have no relation with or function within RUD-Urunana and National Army – Imbonezagutabara. 
  3. Major Ntilikina and Gen Jean Michel Afrika, decided to leave RUD-Urunana and  joined FDU-Inkingi. They and FDU Inkingi, the organization they belong to, have the full responsibility of their political and military actions, acts, and undertakings.
  4. RUD-Urunana reiterates the points made to the Rwandan people, about its principles of fighting for democracy, human rights,  and the rights and welfare of the Rwandan refugees, inclusively,  wherever and whoever they are, and of welcoming diverse political opinions and views.
  5. RUD-Urunana vigorously denounces and fights against any form of terrorism, whether coming from the Government of General Paul Kagame, and his RPF Inkotanyi, or from any armed group. 
  6. RUD-Urunana denounces and condemns any division, the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, killings, kidnapping, poisoning, and other similar acts directed against civilians and other ordinary people. Based on our principles and actions of always calling attention on the suffering, ill-treatment, abuses, and persecution of the Rwandan people wherever and whoever they are, if it is true that Ben Rutabana has been abducted, RUD-Urunana is asking for his immediate release and his return to his family.

Done in Washington, D.C.  on October 4th ,  2019

Dr Jean Marie Vianney Higiro

President, RUD-Urunana