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 Long, long ago, in Rwanda there were two friends. They loved each other so much, that they decided to be blood brothers (abanywanyi, as it is known in the Rwandan culture). Blood brotherhood is the ultimate friendship in the Rwandan culture. It is like two people deciding to become one. 

 The two friends, now blood brothers,  always professed the love they had for each other, the timeless brotherhood, and the fact that whatever was owned by one, belonged to both. They had become an example of brotherhood and sisterhood, love, generosity, and selflessness for those who knew or heard about them.

In their regular prayers to the God of Rwanda (Imana), they praised God for having made them the example of blood brothers for the entire World and each always asked God to bless the other.

One day, God, listening to their prayers, revealed Himself to one of the blood bothers and told him:

“I have listened to your prayers, and have seen how you love your friend. Now, ask whatever you want from me. I,  not only will grant you what you will ask for, but  also  will give to your friend the double of what you will ask and get.

The man reflected upon God’s offer for a few minutes and then told God:

God. I thank you and I praise you. Please cut off  one of my legs. That way, you will double that  by cutting off both of my blood brother’s legs.

Then God appeared to the other blood brother and made the same offer. The second man reflected upon God’s offer for a few minutes and then told God:

God. I thank you and praise you. Please gouge one of my eyes out. That way, you will double that by gouging out both of my blood brother’s eyes.

God, being God, brought the two blood brothers together and asked each one to repeat what he had asked God to grant him, before God could fulfill His promises. The two brothers were so ashamed and contrite, that they asked God to forgive them for their wicked hearts.

I will come back, towards the end of my answers, to what happened afterwards.

This story is the epitome of what has happened and is still happening in Rwanda, between the blood brothers and blood sisters forming the Rwandan nation. Rwandans from all backgrounds are brothers and sisters, who share the same county. They could all benefit if every component of the Rwandan society prospers. Instead, the history of Rwanda has been a repetition of  gruesome experiences, with one group  seeking to tear down the other and vice-versa, even if it takes the suffering of everybody and the entire nation. 

The people who created National Democratic Congress, the mostly Hutu RUD-Urunana and the mostly Tutsi RPR-Inkeragutabara,  have decided that this has to stop;  that a fundamental transformation is needed. We must put an end to  the cycles of mutual destruction, the endless orgies of  intergroup massacres and,  the perpetual outflows of refugees.

National Democratic Congress (NDC) is inviting all Rwandans to be  ready to transform our collective experiences, our shared patrimony, and our perceived diversity into the greatest positive experience  that Rwanda has ever known.

That is why NDC was created.

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Are you ready for a fundamental transformation in Rwanda?


Felicien Kanyamibwa, PhD

President,  National Democratic Congress