In effect, the RUD-Urunana and RPR-Inkeragutabara  are an answer of the Rwandan People to contempt, self-importance, ruthless repression, and fascism that RPF-Inkotanyi opposed to various initiatives of political dialogue, democratization, and of respect for fundamental human rights in Rwanda. 

National Democratic Congress, which emanated from the shared objectives between the two organizations is a concrete step forwards, that symbolizes the power of unity among the different components of the Rwandan Nation. 

Therefore, National Democratic Congress (NDC) constitute a progressive movement that first and foremost strives to becoming the spokesperson of all Rwandans oppressed and excluded by the RPF regime. NDC has an objective to bring back lost hope to the Rwandan people and to open a new era of peace and personal responsibility towards a better future.


To attain these objectives, NDC founders, entrusted with the mandate of the Rwandan people threatened with extinction, have undertaken to promote a new leadership, both political and military. Thus, NDC has resolved to setting up an able, decided and honest leadership which must be able to earn respect and trust from both the women and men of Rwanda so that, all together, can undertake the tremendous task of rebuilding our country. NDC think that with such vision and leaders, the citizens and the political and socio-economic actors could rally a driving force able to face the historical legacy, present hindrances, lack of education, and opposition to change, to channel the national energy towards the same goal i.e. the edification of a welcoming country for all Rwandans and friends of Rwanda.


In this framework, NDC founders have committed themselves to banning, once for all, any narrow mindedness and rooted behavior of regionalism, ever vote-catching, and ethnic exclusion which have always undermined the Rwandan society. Hence, the founders have been making a reasonable appeal to all the Rwandan circles, in Rwanda as well as in the diaspora to identify the persons enlivened by an exemplary integrity, and full of these new aspirations corollary with ethical and moral values. That is how various historical responsibilities are entrusted to people who have shown promising qualities of positive leadership. 

 The most important and required  traits of NDC leadership and those aspiring to become leaders are:

  • Positive and visionary leadership,  
  • Assertive humility
  • Sense of accountability,
  • promoting the security of the organization and its partners,
  • Integrity, 
  • Strict observance of the objectives of the organization including the promotion of democratic ideals, unity, respect of others and personal integrity,
  • Progressive ideas and openness.